What are consignment boutiques?

In essence, consignment retail is the ultimate in maximizing your income by selling clothes you no longer want while minimizing the cost for the clothes you do want. Consignment stores offer the popular brand names and quality you find in department stores at roughly a third of the original price!

How is Closet Transfer special?

The Closet Transfer always offers an ever-changing variety of seasonally appropriate items including designer labels such as Prada, Armani, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and St. John to name a few. We accomplish this in several ways. While the bulk of our inventory is consigned clothing, we also buy wholesale and distressed clothing. Unlike many other consignment stores a majority of our merchandise is in excellent condition with years of wear left. We want our customers to look good and have fun finding their items. So while we do offer dollar racks and sale bins, we cater to those looking for exceptional quality and value.

Should items fail to sell, Closet Transfer donates them to local charities. Effectively eliminating our surplus enables Closet Transfer to offer the most competitive pricing and operate much more efficiently than traditional retail.

Why should I consign and shop at Closet Transfer?

For over 25 years the Closet Transfer has offered its consignors an avenue to realize income from brand name, new and gently used clothing. These items are then priced, displayed and sold at a fraction of retail to shoppers. Maybe you've changed sizes, no longer need all those business suits, or need to make room for a change of waredrobe. Let us help you turn those quality items into cash. Don't waste time and money trying to sell online or having strangers come to your house. Save yourself the monthly fees, and shipping by letting us give your items a great price and quality display to shoppers who are ready to buy.

At the Closet Transfer we give our customers personal attention and assistance. From what to wear to a party; to what color looks good with your eyes we can give advice. Our years of experience with fashion and latest trends will keep you well dressed. When you buy from Closet Transfer you are not only supporting our business, but also your neighbors as well as your local charities. Where else can you give so much and still walk away with a great deal for yourself?

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